Item #174 Wedding Rings; Commercial Art. UNKNOWN.

Wedding Rings; Commercial Art

Unknown: Circa 1940s. Cardstock. (14cm. x 14 cm.) Black illustrations on beige, heavy stock paper with some minor foxing. Near Fine. Item #174

If anything helped folks get married in the last century, it was World War II which saw an explosion of nuptials despite rationing of nearly everything including the materials that made wedding dresses. Weddings were kept small so the couples splurged on the latest trend: Engagement rings. Once a standard expectation of brides and grooms in earlier years, by the 1940s the tradition had all but died out in the United States. But, the arrival of a World War has a way of bringing couples together and jewelers were quick to reintroduce the idea of "promise" rings for both men and women. Diamonds became the most popular gemstone during this time period and persists to this day. This illustration exhibits two engagement rings; one for the bride and one for the groom-to-be. Both rings boast diamond settings with the men's ring having two gemstones, the other, more than likely a colored gem. The metal would more than likely have been gold, as platinum was needed for the war effort. If both rings seem familiar it is because the style is now considered "classic" with modern couples still overwhelmingly choosing these elegant styles created during the rationing days of the Second World War. These items are printed and then hand finished with a darker ink and hand finished with a light glazing. Unusual.

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