Mid-Century Fashion Illustration. UNKNOWN ARTIST.
Mid-Century Fashion Illustration

Mid-Century Fashion Illustration

Circa 1940s. Cardstock. (14cm. x 14 cm.) Black illustrations on beige, heavy stock paper with some foxing and light staining to the edges, not affecting images. Fine. Item #171

Fashion did not stop because of a World War. During the 1940s, leather was rationed for the war effort and women, who naturally also needed shoes, found new opportunity in less choice. The "Pump" shoe -- a shoe with a stacked heel, blunt fronts and high sides, often decorated with a bow, became one of the most popular shoes in the country. The Pump Shoe, with its neutral colors and easy design could be worn for both work or casually, making it an affordable option. During the summer months, another option was the "Sandal Shoe". This shoe featured an ankle strap, chunky Cuban heel and, most notably, a "peek-a-boo" toe. The popularity of the Sandal Shoe was due to its colorful, airy material, usually a woven fabric and was not sworn to the same regulations as shoes made of leather. American women were rationed to only three pairs of leather shoes making her choices both very personal and semi-permanent. Although originally created from a scarcity of materials and conservative ideas of femininity, these shoe styles have endured for decades, altering their forms and materials very little. These illustrations are fine examples of commercial art for use in advertising these iconic shoes. The items are printed, then hand finished with darker pens and light glazing. Although the artist is unknown, we can assume by the sureness of hand, balance of image and stroke of the pen, that this professional was also a fine artist. A scarce find.

Price: $200.00

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