Auto Bingo; Game Cards Set (Three). Erich SPITZNER.

Auto Bingo; Game Cards Set (Three)

Chicago: Regal Games, Circa 1960s. Early. Square Cardboard Sheets. (8 x 7 cm.) Pink, color laminated chipboard with type in white with green plastic material slide mounted shutters over pictorial windows. Some very minor edgewear. Near Fine. Item #106

One evening, a friend dragged Erich Spitzner, bank teller, to a Bingo game. Spitzner was underwhelmed. The gameboard was, according to him, too poorly designed and sloppy. It did not take Spitzner, an inventor, very long to design a better gameboard and at the beginning of World War II, in 1941, he filed for a patent. Spitzner's design was for a Bingo card that could be used repeatedly and adapted for other games at "minimum expense" and was "durable and efficient in use." Not only did Spitzner's invention change the face of the ageless game of Bingo, in 1957, he would adapt the game for likely bored passengers in vehicles. Auto Bingo was born. This simple board made up of tiny printed familiar roadside images hidden under slide mounted plastic shutters is now considered a classic. Spitzner became the founder of the Regal Game Manufacturing Company of Chicago, which, after 70 years, still produces the now updated Auto Bingo gameboard. This set is an early edition, most likely produced not long after the introduction of the game since original versions have either red or green shutters. This early highway game with images of haystacks, tractors and water pumps gives a glimpse of an American highway landscape world all but lost, yet preserved inside the little shutters of this glove-compartment game. Scarce to find in such fine, working condition.

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