About Us


At an early age, Angel Webster, the daughter, of an Army Sargeant and a very pretty waitress, was fascinated by books, rocks and unusual objects. Nonetheless, her room remained immaculate. She was not allowed to collect messy objects so she did so in secret. She kept a shoe box for the messy objects in the closet, had her handy father build her a record cabinet to keep her music in perfect order and got a library card. You see, she learned to keep the mess inside her mind: Ancient devices, song lyrics, book titles, movie monsters. You get the idea. Much later, she would grow up to be a rare bookseller at a famous rare book company.

And later, after that, she would become the founder of this company -- The Beautiful American -- an extension of her original and enduring love of culture, books and music and the occasional unusual object. The website helps keep these unique and rare titles neatly arranged, just like her old bedroom, so you can browse, obsess, delight and hopefully, collect.